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Biodiversity and conservation
Biodiversity and general ecology issues

daily link  Friday, June 28, 2002

Eskom (South Africa) pursues electrification: Eskom targets 300,000 homes for electrication this year, in addition to 336,000 last year.  Also, they "launched a pilot project last year to find ways of reducing the cost of nongrid electrification while increasing the effect of these schemes. The project, called "a hybrid minigrid system" took place at the Hluleka Nature Reserve in Eastern Cape. It sought to integrate a number of different systems, notably energy, water purification and telecommunications. The project will make use of renewable solar energy, water heaters and liquid petroleum gas. The minister said the combination of energy carriers would result in increased energy efficiency. "This is what we expect from our nongrid operators in the whole country over time." "  1:32:37 PM  permalink  

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