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daily link  Wednesday, October 25, 2006

California Geothermal Resources 2006:  A report on the potentials and issues surrounding a very large and predictable renewable power supply.  There are many potential geothermal sites in California, but few are being actively explored and only one significantly exploited.  For example, the Salton Sea area alone is estimated to capable of to 820,000 MW-Years of electricity.  Even without exploration, estimates of today's economic capacity stand at around 10 GW of electric supply, with potentials estimated upwards of 40 GW.  But  "we have a built-in feedback loop that effectively stalemates geothermal development:  without leases, industry will not spend the millions of dollars needed to do basic exploration to understand and help characterize the resource better. And, without better resource characterization, the agencies had little incentive to propose or process new leases, which would cost large sums of money and have very uncertain returns. ..

The Nevada approach is something California may wish to consider: establishing a government-industry collaborative effort to define resources sites and accelerate development, setting goals for geothermal development tied to the state’s RPS goals, and recognizing the need to accelerate research and development efforts. ..  [There is a precedent:] less than a year after being initiated by Governor Schwarzenegger, the state’s Biomass Collaborative spearheaded a multi-agency effort to produce a statewide biomass development plan."
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