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daily link  Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Skype Journal: eBay, PayPal, Skype by the Numbers:  Cogent summary of statistics and other info about the three companies today.
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VoSKY: Vendor of Skype-certified extension hardware, including a model for small offices.  Their personal one-line gateway was favorably reviewed in the NYT.  Features:
  • Call skype destinations, including skypeOut, from your usual phone set at home.
  • Call into your home number (for example, from your cell phone) and have skype connect the call through to a skype destination.
  • Forward incoming calls from skype to your cell phone or other PSTN destination.
  • Call return: If a skype destination does not answer, you can get an automatic retry of the call when skype destination returns online.
  • About $60 for the personal edition, $900 for the 4-line gateway.
  • Downside: needs XP computer connected by USB and running to function.
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The Threat to the Planet: James Hansen in the NY Review of Books.  "The US has heavy legal and moral responsibilities for what is now happening. Of all the CO2 emissions produced from fossil fuels so far, we are responsible for almost 30 percent, an amount much larger than that of the next-closest countries, China and Russia, each less than 8 percent. Yet our responsibility and liability may run higher than those numbers suggest. The US cannot validly claim to be ignorant of the consequences. When nations must abandon large parts of their land because of rising seas, what will our liability be? And will our children, as adults in the world, carry a burden of guilt, as Germans carried after World War II, however unfair inherited blame may be?


It is not too late. The US hesitated to enter other conflicts in which the future was at stake. But enter we did, earning gratitude in the end, not condemnation. Such an outcome is still feasible in the case of global warming, but just barely.

As explained above, we have at most ten years -- not ten years to decide upon action, but ten years to alter fundamentally the trajectory of global greenhouse emissions. .. If instead we follow an energy-intensive path of squeezing liquid fuels from tar sands, shale oil, and heavy oil, and do so without capturing and sequestering CO2 emissions, climate disasters will become unavoidable."  8:03:05 PM  permalink  


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