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daily link  Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Ech2o System:  Wireless soil moisture and micro-climate montoring system.  9:11:28 AM  permalink  

Jesse Sullivan, the World's First Bionic Man:  Groundbreaking use of nerves to control artificial limbs, so that thought controls the device. Amazing video. May be applications for other machine control.  "In May 2001, working as a high-power lineman 54 year old Jesse Sullivan was electrocuted so severely that both of his arms needed to be amputated. ..

Doctors take nerves that used to go to the arm and move those nerves onto chest muscles. The nerves grow into the chest muscles, so when the patient thinks “close hand,” a portion of his chest muscle contracts and electrodes that detect this muscle activity tell the computerized arm when to close the hand. Thus, the patient thinks “close hand” and his artificial hand closes. ..

While previously moving his artificial arms was slow and cumbersome, today he is able to do many of the routine tasks he took for granted before his accident, including putting on socks, shaving, eating dinner, taking out the garbage, carrying groceries and vacuuming."
  8:49:03 AM  permalink  

Algae to produce hydrogen:  Links to research in progress.  References and images of computer simulations of hydrogen and oxygen generation at very small scale.
  8:28:15 AM  permalink  


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