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daily link  Tuesday, January 31, 2006

New HazMat Detection for Super Bowl XL: ""In past years, security personnel have walked around Super Bowls and reported in regularly by radio," said Jeffrey Ricker, CEO of Distributed Instruments, the Sterling Heights-based company that has developed and supplied the software and servers that enable this sensor fusion system to integrate all data in real time. "This year the very small computers they carry will instantly communicate any suspected materials to all members of their network instantly." "  11:00:51 PM  permalink  

Rice Admits U.S. Underestimated Hamas Strength:  After 9/11, Iraq WMD, the Iraq insurgency, and now Hamas, and for that matter, Katrina, yet again she says:  "I don't know anyone who wasn't caught off guard by Hamas's strong showing," she said .. "I've asked why nobody saw it coming," Ms. Rice said, speaking of her own staff. "It does say something about us not having a good enough pulse."

Hamas's victory has set off a debate whether the administration was so wedded to its belief in democracy that it could not see the dangers of holding elections in regions where Islamist groups were strong and democratic institutions weak."  12:17:01 AM  permalink  


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