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daily link  Thursday, December 01, 2005

San Diego Night: With cameras that take pictures up to 4000 megapixels, The Gigapixl Project makes amazingly detailed images.  The images expand the scope of "plain sight," and thereby reduce our zone of privacy.  [Thanks, Scott ]  2:27:39 PM  permalink  

Parallel ATA and SATA 1:  A quick comparison.
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How wikis are evolving: Several recent examples of how large numbers of collaborators can contribute and distribute information rapidly:

  • Wikinews collected stories from "citizen journalists" during Katrinareporting, linking and photographing from Louisiana and around the world.  Among professional journaists, the Online Journalism Review also assembled a wiki to aggregate crucial information after Katrina struck.
  • The Katrina Information Map, a public resource for tracking or reporting flood damage.  "most people are using the service to inquire about loved ones or report flooding on various streets."
  • London bombings information was tracked in real time.  Among other things, you can view every revision as it was posted to see how the information was released.
  • The ACLU filed a Freedom of Information Act request in 2003 looking for evidence of prisoner abuse at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  It put the 4000 pages of documents on the a Detention Practices Project wiki and asked readers of the community blog Daily Kos to rapidly read and review them.
  • Authors Cory Doctorow and Larry Lessig post their latest books online and invite readers to note errata or updates for the next edition.  "Assembling pages of errata for my editor was a pain in the ass and very hard to use comprehensibly, especially when I got thoughts from readers in no particular order," Doctorow said. "Wikis let my readers self-organize it."
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