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daily link  Monday, November 21, 2005

The Man Who Sold the War: How the Rendon Group started in political PR and later worked for the CIA and the Pentagon.  Since 1991, it  promoted Chalabi and the INC, spread false information, and perform "military deception" through news media and the Internet.  Judith Miller was one conduit. "Never before in history had such an extensive secret network been established to shape the entire world's perception of a war. "It was not just bad intelligence -- it was an orchestrated effort," says Sam Gardner, a retired Air Force colonel who has taught strategy and military operations at the National War College. "It began before the war, was a major effort during the war and continues as post-conflict distortions." "  11:44:13 PM  permalink  

The Burden of Proof: Pat Lang takes on Cheney's latest speech, and makes a point on recent history that's news to me.  "The UN had withdrawn its inspectors from [Iraq] in '98 at our instigation because we were going to bomb extensively in an attempt to trigger a revolt. Fair enough, but the point is that the IRAQIS did not run the inspectors out of the country."  8:10:46 PM  permalink  

People Finder Interchange Format: For Katrinalist.net, an "all volunteer team created a searchable directory of persons displaced or affected by Hurricane Katrina, consolidating over 25 different online resources into one central, searchable repository. PeopleFinder Interchange Format, (called 'PFIF') is a new, standardized data format implemented in XML.   ..

The Katrina PeopleFinder Project mobilized hundreds of volunteers over the Labor Day weekend to make an immediate difference. .. The team plans to turn its attention to housing and job solutions next, creating a centralized technology solution that aggregates acomprehensive resource set from sites all across the web, standardizes them, and makes them searchable from anywhere."

  1:33:09 PM  permalink  

Keylogger Threats Rise 65%: " Threats from keyloggers, the stealthily installed programs that record computer keystrokes to help steal personal information, grew 65 percent this year, a study said Tuesday, marking a growing trend in hackers using malware for financial gain.  About 6,191 keyloggers were recorded this year, up from 3,753 in 2004, said iDefense, a security intelligence provider that is part of VeriSign. iDefense recorded 3,753 keyloggers in 2004, a huge leap over the 300 released in 2000."

  8:22:12 AM  permalink  


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