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daily link  Monday, November 07, 2005

Cheney and the "Tormenters": Pat Lang, retired Green Beret and colonel in military intelligence, weighs in on torture.  "People often ask me at public events if I think it is "all right" to torture prisoners if that is necessary in order to obtain information needed to prosecute the "Global War on Terror." (GWOT)   I routinely tell them that it is NOT "all right" to torture people for any reason.  The assembly expects that result from the question and they also expect that I will then give them the standard lecture which holds (correctly) that the tortured will tell you anything that they think you want to hear in order to get you to stop what you are doing.  Therefore, information obtained through torture is logically suspect and worthless.  Intelligence interrogators are supposed to be skilled at their trade.  Their trade is about applied psychology, not about beating confessions out of people.

The audience is usually  a little more surprised to have me tell them that "torture" is a dishonorable and immoral thing to do and that a decent person, especially a decent soldier, will have nothing to do with such things and will not allow it to happen around him or her.  .. [Imagine some] creep has the secret information needed to prevent a terrorist outrage, and won't talk.  "Isn't it right to do whatever it takes....."   That is the question that is always asked, often with a kind of dreamy, far off look in the eyes.  I have gotten tired of this Sado-Masochistic day-dreaming, so, in response I ask them how far they would go in "whatever it takes?" ..

"OK," says I.   "Let's say he is really obdurate and the clock is ticking on said 'terrorist outrage,'  so we bring him in here and you and you will hold him down while I take his fingers and toes off one at a time with garden shears until he talks?  Are you "in" for that?"  Shocked silence follows.  "Ah, I get it," says I.  " You mean that it would be 'all right' for people like me to do these things."  At that point it can be seen from the faces that this is the case.

"Ah," says I as a "follow up," "then how far are you willing to go in 'immunizing' the tormentors from prosecution once the GWOT is a memory?"  This does not get an answer.  So, this is all BS, a fantasy for everyman and everywoman (complete with guilty frisson of titillation).

The danger is that Cheney and all the other political obsessives on this subject in and out of government encourage those among who are quite capable of any bestiality that their furtive imaginations contrive.  They hold out to the "dark ones" the possibility of accomplishing their dreams of power and domination.  There are such people in any society, among any people, anywhere, and at any time.  By creating a climate of permissiveness toward abuse of prisoners "for interrogation" the Cheney/Rumsfeld crowd have enabled a release of the demonic forces that, to some extent, lurk in all of us. "

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Topologilinux - [Running Linux inside Windows]: Based on slackware and colinux.  Last updated 1Q 2005.  Also runs native.  "Topologilinux is a free Linuxdistribution to be run on top or inside your existing windows system. The main thing with Topologilinux is that it does not require any partitioning at all. (uses a single file as linux root system)..

Topologilinux needs a PC 486 or higher with about 100MB free diskspace and about 8MB ram. If you want to install everything you need about 2,5GB free space. If you want to have a X system it is recommend to have a Pentium PC with 32MB ram or more. And If you want to use colinux and X in windows you will probably need a pention 300Mhz or above with Win2k and about 96Mb ram. .."

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How to build new vms with VMware Player:  Using a QEMU image file, you can boot up and then install from any CD.  Another method uses freedos.  8:41:38 AM  permalink  


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