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daily link  Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Interview: Juan Cole on George Bush's Iraq: A good rundown on the situation inside Iraq, plus comments on the origins of the war.  "When we as historians get access to all the documents and can figure out how this thing was planned and who supported it, I think we'll find that the Bush administration was a coalition of various forces and each part of the coalition had its own reasons for wanting to fight this war. The group most explored has been the neoconservatives, but I suspect they will bulk less large in our final estimation of the promotion of the war. .. They may also have been fall guys. When things started going bad, more stuff got leaked about what they had been saying than about others.

I suspect it will come out that George W. Bush had wanted an Iraq War since he was governor of Texas .. The degree to which Bush himself has been a central, policy-making player somehow gets elided in American discourse. It's not as if he's a leaf blown by the wind. When the Bush presidency is finally examined from the primary documents, a lot of the things that are attributed to the number three man at the Pentagon may actually turn out to have been Bush's idea from the beginning, and something he pushed hard for. His personal style is to play it by ear. .. The world is a much more complex and vicious place [than Texas], and there are often incommensurate issues for which there is no acceptable compromise. Trying to run the world the way you run Texas is a big mistake. "

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