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daily link  Monday, October 10, 2005

100 Million And Counting...  How VC's have placed $100m into open source software startups in the last 5 months (Mar-Aug 05).  No doubt they are reassured by Red Hat's rapid growth.  11:35:16 PM  permalink  

Orbeon PresentationServer: "Orbeon PresentationServer (OPS) is an open source J2EE-based platform for XML-centric web applications. OPS is built around XHTML, XForms, XSLT, XML pipelines, and Web Services, which makes it ideal for applications that capture, process and present XML data. Unlike other popular web application frameworks like Struts or WebWork that are based on Java objects and JSP, OPS is based on XML documents and XML technologies. This leads to an architecture better suited for the tasks of capturing, processing, and presenting information in XML format, and often does not require writing any Java code at all to implement your presentation layer."  Runs under JBOSS or Apache Tomcat with LGPL license.  Several other XForms support software were reviewed in 2003.  Xforms book and tutorial also online.  10:59:59 PM  permalink  

Environmental Defense - Nanotechnology: Selection of articles by EDF on nanotech.  "Getting Nanotechnology Right the First Time :  Nanotechnology - the design and manipulation of materials at the atomic and molecular scale - has great potential to deliver environmental and other benefits, but it may also pose significant risks to human health and the environment. Novel properties emerge as materials reach the nano-scale that open the door to innovations in such applications as cleaner energy production, energy efficiency, water treatment and environmental remediation.  At the same time, these novel materials may pose new risks to workers, consumers, the public and the environment, as suggested by a number of preliminary studies. Environmental Defense believes that both the public and private sectors need to comprehensively address the potential risks of this important new technology to ensure its responsible development. "  5:13:26 PM  permalink  


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