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daily link  Thursday, September 08, 2005

PHEVs cut greenhouse gases more:  PHEVs substitute grid electric power for gasoline.  Most grid power comes from burning fossil fuels.  Still, it's more efficient to make the power and deliver it via battery than to burn it in the car, resulting in fewer CO2 emissions.  Joe Romm, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy at the US DoE under Clinton does the numbers.  His calculations start with 12,000 miles per year, resulting in 11,000 pounds CO2 from an average new car, 6,000 pounds from a Prius, and 3,900 pounds from a Prius running on grid power alone.   "So running your E-hybrid on the U.S. grid is 35% better than running a Prius on gasoline and 65% better than an average car. .. In California, with its cleaner grid, you'd have under 2,000 pounds emissions from a plug-in Prius. And, of course, people can choose to purchase 100% renewable power.  The nice thing about plug ins is that it gives people a fuel choice, and everyone will choose electricity since even in California, the per-mile cost of electricity is under one half that of gasoline."  More references are on the Calcars FAQ #3, including a presentation from EPRI.   (The suggestion is made that off-hours electric use is even better: "An Argonne researcher reached consensus with [others in] July 2002 that plug-in HEVs using nighttime power reduce greenhouse gases by 46% to 61%."

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Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles in Austin: "Under the direction of the Austin City Council, Austin Energy is developing a forward-thinking PHEV strategy. "  The reasons and next steps are online.  11:56:10 AM  permalink  

How the Wall Street Journal and Rep. Barton celebrated a global-warming skeptic: How the mainstream media is easily corrupted by ideology and well-funded lobbyists.  11:42:30 AM  permalink  


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