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daily link  Sunday, August 28, 2005

West Coast Cable: Dec 2004: "Sea Breeze Pacific..  has filed an interconnection application with Pacific Gas & Electric Company of San Francisco, California for the first submarine transmission line that would allow for the direct transmission of electricity from Canada to California.  Sea Breeze Pacific's initial application is for a 1,600 megawatt High Voltage Direct Current ("HVDC") undersea cable (expandable to 3,200 MW). The route will run 3-12 miles offshore along portions of British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and California for approximately 1,200 miles. .. The west coast submarine transmission corridor was conceived as an answer to the challenge of unlocking the many thousands of "stranded" megawatts of clean, renewable energy that remain unutilized along the rugged and windy west coast of Canada. An independent study by Fortis Bank, the World Energy Council and the Petroleum Economist have rated this region as having the number one wind resource in the world. Other significant benefits of the West Coast Cable would be to help stabilize the western continental power grid by making load flows more predictable.."

Sea Breeze already has a project in progress for a 550 MW cable system between Victoria BC and Washington State.  Additional financing is sought for this project, with "construction for the Straight of Juan de Fuca Transmission Cable [scheduled] from the end of 2006 to the end of 2007."

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