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daily link  Sunday, August 14, 2005

Mobile phones in Kenya:  Good anecdotes on small business' use of phones.  "When handyman Alex Theuri puts down his wrenches after laying water-pipes in buildings, he picks up screwdrivers and pliers to install electric wiring elsewhere -- but there's one tool he's never without. The mobile phone has become the most essential work item for Theuri, a Kenyan plumber, electrician and small businessman who, like so many others in the East African nation, makes a living from various different jobs at the same time."  12:57:04 PM  permalink  

HopStop.com - Subway and bus directions:  Good service for finding your way within NYC, Boston, or DC, including walking directions, taking rush hours into account.  Available in multiple languages and over mobile phones; good for tourists.  12:51:33 PM  permalink  


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