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daily link  Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Morae: Usability Testing for Web Sites and Software: "Morae is an all-digital usability solution that lets you see real users including their verbal and facial expressions as they experience your software, Web site, or Web application. Morae allows you to collect valuable data to improve user experience, navigation, information finding and much more." Just run their software on any machine with a webcam.  You can watch, record, share and annotate the users' reactions to your software or website.  Nifty.  Software cost around $1300 for single-user single-reviewer.  5:07:58 PM  permalink  

Project Aardvark Midterm Report: FogBugz is developing copilot.com, to compete with gotomypc.com and logmein.com.  I've requested a beta account.  5:03:33 PM  permalink  

Pod Person: PBS's Robert X. Cringely will be video blogging and podcasting this autumn, and the network is promoting it.  Shape of things to come?  4:28:32 PM  permalink  


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