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daily link  Saturday, June 18, 2005

EFF: Legal Guide for Bloggers: Could come in handy someday.  Covers liability, defamation, copyright, elections and workplace issues.  10:11:43 PM  permalink  

Red Hat virtually supports Xen: Fedora Core 4 released with Xen.  Future versions of Fedora will probably be driven by a new Fedora Foundation rather than Red Hat corporate.  Plus, here's a tutorial about Xen on SuSe.  9:22:53 AM  permalink  

VMware Technology Network (VMTN) for Developers:  VMware aims to be a platform for software distribution and development.  As John Sequeira recognized years ago, software can be delivered better in vm's (especially open source software).  "Pre-built application environments in VMware virtual machines.. [are now] available for download to any software developer. Industry-leading software vendors BEA Systems, MySQL AB, Novell, Oracle and Red Hat are among the first to distribute their software in virtual machines.  Entire application environments can be pre-installed, pre-configured and "saved" within a best-practice virtual machine. Developers can eliminate many of the traditional stumbling blocks associated with testing, evaluating and deploying new software by using these pre-built applications within virtual machines."

Also announced: VMTN Subscription for a suite of most VMware products with support and upgrades priced at $299 per developer per year.




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FreeNX and NoMachine:  Fast and secure remote desktop system, like VNC or LTSP but faster and with many features:

  • Runs single applications remotely
  • Carries sound as well as screen and keyboard
  • Has many clients - Linux, Solaris, Windows, Mac OS/X, PXE, Mozilla
  • Can servers for several OS and can proxy to extend VNC and Windows Terminal Server
  • Tight compression for fast service over dialup
  • Uses SSL for end-to-end encryption
  • Easy to install and demo in Knoppix

(As always, John's got the scoop...)

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