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daily link  Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Distributed Internet Backup System: I've been waiting for this for years.  From Scott Lemon and Phil Windley.  "Since disk drives are cheap, backup should be cheap too. [You] should give your files to peers (and in return store their files) so that if a catastrophe strikes your area, you can recover data from surviving peers. The Distributed Internet Backup System (DIBS) is designed to implement this vision. ..  DIBS encrypts all data transmissions so that the peers you trade files with can not access your data." Python source code available.  11:44:47 PM  permalink  

BlogMatrix:  Tools and online services for creating and sharing videos and podcasts.  Sparks
is a "solution for recording, sharing, finding and listening to podcasts [with]

  • a multi-track recorder and mixer designed especially for the needs of podcasters
  • automatic uploading of your podcasts to the BlogMatrix server
  • a full featured podder and weblog reader for listening to otherís podcasts"
  11:41:51 PM  permalink  

Korby Parnell's WebLog : A Brief [and Subjective] History of Corporate Blogging at Microsoft:  How blogging began and eventually got institutionalized at MS.  Includes a nice short list of corporate blogging guidelines.  Related:  the EFF Legal Guide for Bloggers.  10:54:30 PM  permalink  


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