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daily link  Friday, May 20, 2005

When disaster strikes VMware: From IBM.  "This article gives you some guidance for system failures, including where to look and how to interpret the problems, and offers some answers on fixes, all within the VMware ESX framework. .. To aid in troubleshooting, you can categorize problems when a VMware ESX server fails in several ways, depending on the failure. The most common method is to split the categories into a four-way matrix with server and virtual machine problems on one axis and network and storage on the other axis. .."  8:31:13 PM  permalink  

Ontology is Overrated -- Categories, Links, and Tags: A rollup of Clay Shirky's writings on the collective organization of the web.  "It comes down ultimately to a question of philosophy. Does the world make sense or do we make sense of the world? If you believe the world makes sense, then anyone who tries to make sense of the world differently than you is presenting you with a situation that needs to be reconciled formally, because if you get it wrong, you're getting it wrong about the real world.

If, on the other hand, you believe that we make sense of the world, if we are, from a bunch of different points of view, applying some kind of sense to the world, then you don't privilege one top level of sense-making over the other. What you do instead is you try to find ways that the individual sense-making can roll up to something which is of value in aggregate, but you do it without an ontological goal. You do it without a goal of explicitly getting to or even closely matching some theoretically perfect view of the world. Critically, the semantics here are in the users, not in the system. This is not a way to get computers to understand things. .."

  9:07:59 AM  permalink  

China spending estimate reduced:  Reminds me of how DoD estimates of the Soviet military were overstated.  "The RAND Corporation, a research group that studies many issues for the Pentagon, estimated China's military spending totaled $31 billion to $38 billion in 2003, which it said was the most recent year for which full data was available. By contrast, the Defense Department has put the 2003 figure as high as $65 billion, 71 percent greater than the high end of RAND's estimate..

RAND estimated China's defense spending at 2.3 percent to 2.8 percent of gross domestic product in 2003. Using what it called newly available Chinese-language primary sources, it said this was 1.4 to 1.7 times the official Chinese number.  By comparison, U.S. defense spending was 3.8 percent of GDP in 2003, or about $417.5 billion. "

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