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daily link  Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Nanosolar - Products: New pictures of their modules; solid black, light weight, large size.  "Nanosolar's flagship product, Nanosolar SolarPly, is a 14 feet x 10 feet solar electricity module..."  Also spec'd in 4-inch strips for OEM use in roofing products.  Availability end-2005 or 2006.  No details on price or performance so far.  They're adding more execs in production and operations to ramp up.

Coincidentally, on an airplane today, I met an exec who left Cypress Semi to join their PV subsidiary SunPower.  They are building plants for silicon PV in SouthEast Asia, for sales of units to Japan and Europe, where sales are booming.  (Spain has recently accelerated solar PV adoption, joining Germany as a large growth market.)  This exec said he's confident they'll compete with grid power with silicon PVs within 5 years.

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