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daily link  Monday, April 11, 2005

Solar Electricity in the Developing World from the Solar Electric Light Fund: SELF is starting reconstruction projects.  In India:  "As the Tsunami emergency relief efforts begin to fade for the ravaged coastal villages along Indian Ocean, new sources of funding for the long term reconstruction and stabilization of home and community rebuilding are urgently needed. To help meet these challenges, and to specifically provide the critical renewable energy infrastructure component, SELF, RenewableEnergyAccess.com, and SELCO, have launched the Tsunami Solar Light Fund to serve the Tamil Nadu region along the southeastern coast of India. The initial project will fund 1,500 solar power systems for homes and 25 solar powered community street lights."   And in Sri Lanka: "SELF and SELCO are teaming with the Rebuild Sri Lanka Solar Initiative, a program of the Rebuild Sri Lanka Trust, to bring immediate relief to the survivors of the Tsunami disaster. With your help, solar technology will be implemented to power hospitals -- enabling the use of lights, medical equipment, and refrigeration for vital medicines and vaccines, as well as for water pumping and purification systems, dramatically decreasing the risk of water-born illnesses and saving thousands of lives."  4:20:50 PM  permalink  

ActiveGrid - Grid Application Server: Interesting take on an application server with grid functions:  "The ActiveGrid Grid Application Server is a next-generation application server designed to scale applications across horizontal grids of commodity computers. The ActiveGrid Grid Application Server is built on top of the open source LAMP stack. In contrast to traditional three-tier architectures, where statically defined applications are bound to a particular deployment architecture, the ActiveGrid Grid Application Server interprets applications at runtime and can deploy them using a variety of proven deployment models and multiple data caching patterns. .. The ActiveGrid Grid Application Server extends the open source LAMP stack with grid-aware features such as dynamic node registration, data caching, session management, transaction management and interface fragment caching. These features are implemented as an Apache Module and as libraries that run within ModPHP, ModPython, ModPerl and Tomcat. The ActiveGrid Grid Application Server interprets applications at runtime and can make decisions based on context, such as how to most appropriately cache a set of data across the grid, or how to render a form fragment for a particular type of client and user role."  10:46:23 AM  permalink  


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