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daily link  Thursday, March 10, 2005

Vizioncore: Backup and Control for VMWare ESX: Vizioncore provides products for ESX management that grew out of a consulting company.  For example, "esxRanger CLI runs on a windows host and can be scheduled to perform online hot backups of guest operating systems on VMware ESX Server. [It] compresses the disks before sending them to the destination server [with] NO Agents needed on the ESX Servers or the guest operating systems. .. esxRanger CLI uses the standard COM interface provided by VMware for adding and committing REDO logs. While it is possible to achieve a similar functionality with scripting, there are many hidden costs and known bugs to consider."  60-day eval available, starts at $125/server. "  A hardware appliance for swappable hard disk backup is under development.

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