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daily link  Saturday, January 15, 2005

Using MVS2005 with VS.NET: Article on scripting MSVS 2005, with sample code you can download from Surgient.  "virtual images voraciously consume large amounts of disk. This means that a typical host may not have enough space to store many idle 4-10 GB virtual image files. VS2005 partially solves this problem by allowing VMs to chain image files into differencing layers that share a common base image.  The VS2005 differencing layer technology is called differencing disks (undo drives are a variant of differencing disks). This technology enables you to create a base image of the operating system and then install applications into a difference disk layer. A single base image can then be used by several VMs that each have a unique differencing disk. ..

[In a resource-heavy testing scenario] Toggling the VM power states and working with shared base images addresses the resource limitations of the host. To use our testing environment, we must create a small .NET application that toggles between server configurations by changing both the VM's power state and its differencing disk configuration. "

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The Soul of a Virtual Machine: Microsoft tech writer keeping a categorized blog on MSVS, including categories for P2V and other specific how-to's.  11:52:30 AM  permalink  

Flexbeta seems an interesting site for investigating beta software releases.  They have articles, and also links to recent software, like VMware Workstation for Windows 5.0 Build 11888 Beta, with a direct link to a 51mb .exe download.

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Virtual Server 2005 Service Pack 1 - features and availability: MSVS will support new hardware and software, plus a "Disk Precompactor, a utility that is designed to "zero out" — that is, overwrite with zeros — any available blank space on a virtual hard disk. A public beta is slated for the end of first quarter 2005, with product release planned for the second half of calendar year 2005"  11:46:23 AM  permalink  

Adam Werbach on the death of environmentalism:  Provocative speech advocating the conversion of environmentalists into progressives.  "For 30 years American liberals have defined themselves according to a set of problem categories that divide us, whether they be racial, gender, economic or environmental. We have spent far less time defining ourselves according to the values that unite us, such as shared prosperity, progress, interdependence, fairness, ecological restoration and equality. We can no longer afford the laundry list of “-isms” to define and divide our world and ourselves. ..

My thesis tonight is this: the ability of environmentalism, as a language, an ideology, a set of practices, and network of institutions, can not deal with the most pressing ecological challenges facing the planet because it is so tightly bound to a rationality that reduces our worlds into these dyads [like humans/nature, men/women, healthy/sick, reason/emotion]. The moment we free ourselves from this modern way of thinking by creating a new language, a new set of strategic initiatives, a new set of institutions, and a new metric for evaluating our success, we cease to be “environmentalists” in any meaningful sense of the term and open ourselves up to the possibility of becoming progressive Americans. ..

We are moving toward becoming progressives. We are bringing along our love of nature. We are bringing along our knowledge of interdependence." The 'New Apollo' project idea is presented as a narrative that integrates progressive and environmental ideas, including jobs, less reliance on mideast oil, the government as instrument of public values.

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