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daily link  Sunday, January 09, 2005

Sensicore: Makes small chip sensor for water quality measurement.  Check the "technology demo" button.  Based in Ann Arbor.  10:58:32 AM  permalink  

Miasolé: Another California solar cell innovator.  "Miasolé technology revolutionizes solar cell manufacturing. Leveraging our deep expertise in the manufacturing of computer hard drives, our proprietary process allows us to create thin-film solar cells at lower cost, higher quality, greater efficiency, and using far more environmentally friendly processes. The result: cheaper, greener, more effective and more efficient cells."  10:51:32 AM  permalink  

Virtual Nanotech: Intro to nano modelling tools.  "By running such precise computer models of the chemical and physical properties of materials, researchers can examine tiny constructions more thoroughly than a bench scientist ever could. " Good diagram of the concept of multiscale modelling at the nanostellar site.  10:48:31 AM  permalink  

Web Access Log Analyzers: A long list of packages maintained by Uppsala Univ. in Sweden.  12:24:19 AM  permalink  


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