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daily link  Sunday, December 26, 2004

Start-Up Firm Launches Open Source Object Database: "db4objects is a commercial, VC and privately funded company with European roots and now based in based in San Mateo, Calif. The free GPL-version is available for download for Java, .NET and Mono.

There is also a commercial license for ISVs and services firms looking to resell db4obejcts. The db4obejcts database software, dubbed db4o, is already in use by Hertz, BMW's Car IT unit, and Spain's AVE (the high-speed train unit), company execs said.

The firm calls db4o is the first native object database for both Java and .NET, sporting an architecture that gives developers the "simplest and easiest way to directly store objects," according to db4objects' CEO Christof Wittig. Implementation is also designed to be simple, allowing devs to have db4o code up and running in under five minutes, Wittig added. "  9:10:26 PM  permalink  


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