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daily link  Sunday, November 28, 2004

An Uncertain Trumpet: " Whatever pundits say, this election was not a wholesale repudiation of liberalism."  Good summary.  11:41:20 PM  permalink  

Red/blue conditions and values: It's been noted that red states have higher rates of divorce, and that cities in red states have more crime than cities in blue states.   This post notes that the "relationship between fundamentalism and perceived social disorder is a symbiotic one, and that the new crime statistics add another important data point to the picture. ..

[there are] interesting questions about cause and effect. For example, does it fuel the growth of new (Republican-leaning) suburbs and exurbs when neighboring cities are perceived as too dangerous to live in? ..

The more run-down neighborhoods here tend to have a very high concentration of both churches and liquor stores ..

If you live in a community with a low divorce rate, marriage is not likely to seem like an institution you need to worry about. But if you live somewhere where it seems hard for people to stay together and there's a higher divorce rate, it can feel like the whole society is melting.. "

  11:20:37 PM  permalink  

What a difference a battery makes:  A "radical eight-wheeled, 600kW rocket from Japan is proof that electric cars can be fast and fun. Called Eliica, short for Electric Lithium-Ion battery Car, it boasts a neck-snapping 0-100kmh time of just four seconds and a 0-160kmh time of seven seconds, which means the Eliica accelerates faster than a Porsche 911 Turbo."  Top speed is over 200 mph.  The key is the Li+ battery; expensive now in this quantity, but dropping in price as each generation of consumer electronics is built.  10:29:59 PM  permalink  


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