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daily link  Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Linux backdoors: Scott Lemon points to a paper on how to introduce back doors into Linux kernels, and speculates that as its popularity grows, Linux may become a more attractive target for hackers.  I imagine uncontrolled distribution of hacked distro's (via bitTorrent, etc) providing a slow vector for the spread of hackable operating systems.  9:51:37 AM  permalink  

Group Agrees to Reduce Iraqi Debt (washingtonpost.com):  "Under the agreement, the Paris Club of 19 creditor nations will write off 80 percent of the $38.9 billion that Iraq owes them, group chairman Jean-Pierre Jouyet said. The Paris Club includes the United States, Japan, Russia and European nations.  Iraq owes another $80 billion to various Arab governments. A clause in the agreement gives the Paris Club the option to suspend part of the debt reduction if it were not matched by Iraq's other major creditors -- led by Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

The United States had been pressing for up to 95 percent of the debt to be lifted.  .. The deal represented a considerable concession from France, just as French President Jacques Chirac's government is pushing to rebuild ties with the Bush administration .. "

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Adam Bosworth's ISCOC04 Talk: Nice rant on simplicity in protocols and systems:  "That software which is flexible, simple, sloppy, tolerant, and altogether forgiving of human foibles and weaknesses turns out to be actually the most steel cored, able to survive and grow while that software which is demanding, abstract, rich but systematized, turns out to collapse in on itself in a slow and grim implosion. ..

Consider search. .. today half a billion people search every day and what do they use? Not Query by Example. Not Boolean logic. They use a solution of staggering simplicity and ambiguity, namely free text search. The engineering is hard, but the user model is simple and sloppy. ..

When HTML first came out it was unbelievably sloppy and forgiving, permissive and ambiguous. .. HTML is today the basic building block for huge swathes of human information. ..

You want to see the future. Donít look at Longhorn. Look at Slashdot. 500,000 nerds coming together everyday just to manage information overload. Look at BlogLines. "  More in this spirit here.

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