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daily link  Thursday, November 04, 2004

Linux Open Logic Distribution Service: "BlueGlue is more than one-stop shopping for Open Source software. It provides a way for enterprise managers to impose consistency, better documentation and orderly upgrades on what can often seem like a very random Open Source world.   Specifically, OpenLogic sells its BlueGlue Open Source tools platform as an annual subscriptions that include

  1. software from more than 100 different Open Source projects,
  2. professional documentation,
  3. regularly scheduled updates, big fixes, upgrades, and
  4. technical support.

Developer/architect training and consulting are also offered as optional upgrade services. Moreover, the BlueGlue platform automates some of the trickier aspects of using Open Source on enterprise tasks, including installation, configuration, integration, deployment and testing. "Many Open Source packages just don't play well together... so as part of our value-add, we have devised a knowledge based engine that integrates these together," Grolnick said.  ..

OpenLogic releases a new BlueGlue release every 4 months, which aggregates all changes to all listed Open Source projects. Further, BlueGlue engineers confirm the bug fixes and code updates by taking the code through test cycles, and make sure that any integration that may have existed between Open Source projects before the updates remains intact. OpenLogic's BlueGlue is available on CD, in a subscription, starting at $199. "

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