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daily link  Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Wizards of Armageddon:  Steve Clemons on Saddam's strategy of deception, game theory, and the need for layers, protocols, hotlines and other systems to prevent miscalculation in the decision to go to war.

  2:48:58 PM  permalink  

ProgressivePunch: Home: "ProgressivePunch is a non-partisan searchable database of Congressional voting records from a Progressive perspective. But we're convinced it's extremely useful irrespective of anyone's political positions. "  2:24:38 PM  permalink  

Myghty - High Performance Python Templating: "Myghty is an all-new, Python based content-delivery and template system derived from HTML::Mason, an enterprise-quality web development system written for a Perl environment, the templating choice of Amazon.com and Salon.com among many others. Primary Features: Built from scratch for optimized performance under mod_python (2.7 or 3.1). Also runs in standalone, embedded library, or CGI context just as easily. Full featureset of HTML::Mason supported, including componentized development, methods, inheritance, autohandlers/dhandlers, output caching, smart exception reporting, etc."  11:39:46 AM  permalink  

Solar power design for UK new homes:  UK Deputy Prime Minister  "John Prescott has demanded that all new homes built in Britain be designed so that they can receive solar power. Draft building regulations from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, due to come into effect in January 2006, stipulate the change.  The move is significant since the government is on the cusp of a major housebuilding drive. It will infuriate housebuilders, adding millions to the cost of constructing homes. But it will delight environmentalists as concerns mount over the effects of climate change."  The idea is to build new homes to be ready to adopt PV when prices drop.  9:13:19 AM  permalink  

Microsoft ponders licensing for app virtualization: "Noting two evolving areas of software licensing, Microsoft is pondering how to license when multiple instances of an application are run on a single computer, but is not eyeing a plan for utility-based computing, in which charges are based on individual usage. .. Right now, Microsoft charges based on hardware capabilities irrespective of software partitioning or virtualization. A user site might have 1,000 virtual machines running 1,000 instances of the same application, deployed on a four-processor computer, he said. Under current policy, the user would be charged for four processors, not for running the application 1,000 times. "  MS also announced it would charge single-processor prices for multi-core processors.  9:06:12 AM  permalink  

Redefining Progress: Blue Green:  Redefining Progress, an Oakland think tank, coordinated a nationwide study of renewable energy, jobs, and the environment.  It has been endorsed by the Union of Concerned Scientists and several labor and environmental groups.  It includes state-by-state plans of action. Press release: "The "Smarter, Cleaner, Stronger" report provides a comprehensive new policy package that will stimulate the creation of new jobs - approximately 1.4 million more new jobs by 2025 - while lowering energy bills that will save U.S. consumers an astounding $170 billion per year. America would reduce her dependence on foreign oil by slashing its imported oil by 1.7 billion barrels per year. Annual GDP would increase by $123 billion in 2025. And, if the policies outlined in this package were adopted, the U.S. would cut in half the amount of greenhouse gases that would be emitted into the atmosphere under a "business as usual" approach. "  8:20:16 AM  permalink  


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