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daily link  Sunday, October 03, 2004

Kenya: Duo Taps Wind Power [via Alternative Energy Blog]: Entrepreneurs have developed a low-cost locally-assembled micro wind turbine for household power.  "Kenyan duo Philip Osula and Mwacharo Guyo have installed wind-powered electricity generators in various homes in Nairobi, Mandera, Olengurueni and Taita in the last three years.. Using a simple dynamo-like appliance, the technicians coil a coated wire around a revolving magnet, which induces an alternating current into the wires once it starts rotating. "We make the turbines using waste material which includes wood and fibreglass, which makes them light for easy rotation by wind," explains Osula. "  It is described as having a 10 inch diameter and 3 kw capacity.
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Sunlight Used To Produce Hydrogen From Water: "Solar Hydrogen Energy Corporation (SHEC Labs) reported on July 6th that they have demonstrated the production of Hydrogen from water using their proprietary Solar Thermal Chemical Process.  The Hydrogen production was accomplished at the APS (Arizona Public Service) Solar Test and Research Facility in Tempe, Arizona on June 8th and again June 28th, 2004.  Utilizing the hot Arizona sun and a new Solar Concentrator developed by the Lab, the research team was able to extract Hydrogen from water at a temperature of 850 degrees Celsius (1562° Fahrenheit). ..

Independent engineering companies have verified that SHEC labs' process can produce hydrogen from water at temperatures significantly lower than 1000 degrees Celsius. Direct thermal water splitting in comparison normally requires temperatures of 2000 degrees Celsius to begin the reaction and 5000 degrees Celsius to optimize the reaction.

"The United States, Japan, Canada, and France have investigated thermal water splitting, a radically different approach to creating hydrogen. This process uses heat of up to 5,430°F (3,000°C) to split water molecules"1.  The SHEC labs catalytic process, on the other hand, has operated as low as 400 degrees Celsius. Their process dramatically reduces radiant energy losses and the material problems associated with higher temperatures are minimized. Their 18 inch diameter solar concentrator has been able to achieve temperatures in excess of 750 degrees Celsius.  SHEC Labs has also developed advanced "high ratio" solar concentrators capable of concentrating the power of the sun by 5,000 times. "

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Moves toward reform wane in Saudi Arabia:  "Just a year ago, democratic changes in this absolute monarchy seemed to be gathering steam. But what observers saw as a promising opening has been stymied as an influx of oil money and victories against militants linked to Al Qaeda have reduced the urgency surrounding reform. A number of signs point to retrenchment. A law issued recently by the Council of Ministers makes the signing of petitions by government employees, or speaking critically of the government to the press, punishable by firing or jail. A trial of three reformists charged with dissension and other crimes, which started in August and was open to the public, has been closed. And in King Fahd's annual speech last month to the Shura Council, an advisory group, reforms were ignored, analysts say.

"It seems that the Interior Ministry has the upper hand in the war on terrorism, so they think it's about time for them to target reform-minded individuals," says Khaled al-Dukhayel, assistant professor of political sociology at King Saud University. "To [government officials], reforms are as much of a threat as terrorism, and they are now criminalizing reform activities," he says...

All but three of the dozen activists arrested in March were released after pledging to no longer publicly demand reforms or talk to the media. But academics Abdullah al-Hamid and Matrouk al-Faleh and poet Ali al-Dimeini remain behind bars. "

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NY State 25% RPS: "The New York State Public Service Commission today voted to adopt a renewable energy policy designed to increase to at least 25 percent by 2013 the proportion of electricity sold to consumers in New York State that is generated from renewable resources. .. To meet the 25 percent target, it is estimated that New York State will need to add approximately 3,700 megawatts (MWs) of renewable resource generation capacity. By 2013, the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) Program is forecast to reduce statewide air emissions of nitrogen oxide (NOx) by 6.8 percent, sulfur dioxide (SO2) by 5.9 percent, and carbon dioxide (CO2) by 7.7 percent, with a greater proportion of emission reductions expected in New York City and Long Island. .. Customer bill impacts for the RPS are expected to be modest. In fact, wholesale energy prices will likely decline as a result of adding substantial amounts of renewable resources, thereby offsetting some of the Program costs and associated bill impacts. For residential customers, over the life of the Program, cumulative bill impacts are forecast to range from a reduction of 0.9 percent to an increase of 1.68 percent; for commercial customers, estimated bill impacts range from a 0.78 percent reduction to a 1.79 percent increase; and for industrial consumers, bill impacts could range from a reduction of 1.54 percent to an increase of 2.2 percent. The cumulative cost of premium payments, projected to range between $582 million and $762 million for renewable projects, is expected to be offset by approximately $362 million in wholesale energy cost reductions as New York reduces its reliance upon fossil fuels. " The program impacts start January 1, 2006, with program review in 2009.  12:54:00 PM  permalink  

What's Wrong With the Modular Pebble Bed Reactor?: Concise summary of the safety and waste issues.  Also summarized here.  12:48:53 PM  permalink  

getNoCatInfo.pl - mrtg script: Performs wget to scrape web pages for values and passes to MRTG for tracking and analysis.  From Scott Lemon.  12:43:16 PM  permalink  

Winning the Oil Endgame: RMI's latest book on energy futures.  "Winning the Oil Endgame offers a coherent strategy for ending oil dependence, starting with the United States but applicable worldwide. There are many analyses of the oil problem. This synthesis is the first roadmap of the oil solution -- one led by business for profit, not dictated by government for reasons of ideology. This roadmap is independent, peer-reviewed, written for business and military leaders, and co-funded by the Pentagon"  11:40:47 AM  permalink  


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