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daily link  Saturday, September 11, 2004

DOE AND OPIC Form Partnership to Promote Environmentally Sound Economic Development in Emerging Markets: "Under this agreement, both agencies will work to create an Efficient Energy and Renewables Program focused on innovative financing and creative partnerships that will lead to environmentally-sound economic growth in developing countries throughout the world.   .. , DOE and OPIC are currently engaged in an effort to gather information regarding wind and efficiency opportunities in developing countries to determine the most promising targets for investment. "

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Renewing America's Economy: The Union on Concerned Scientists modelled the results of a national renewable electricity standard (RES) with a gradually increase in US renewable energy from about 2.5 percent today to 20 percent by 2020, with net benefits of $49B in that period.

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Energetech: Another wave energy company, based in Australia with one plant there and another planned in Rhode Island.  4:09:14 PM  permalink  

September 11 and Its Aftermath:  Juan Cole's assessment.  And, James Fallows' "Bush's Lost Year" in the Oct 2004 Atlantic.  Depressing.   8:38:44 AM  permalink  


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