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daily link  Friday, September 10, 2004

Wikipedia Reputation and the Wemedia Project: The rationale for the value of Wikipedia and other open-modification resources.  Describes one test where a dozen errors were introduced, and all were corrected within 3 hours.  Reminds me of "single text" conflict resolution, open source intelligence, and the codification of traditional knowledge.  As long as there are enough authors paying attention, it may work for capturing collective knowledge.  11:23:24 PM  permalink  

Rick Klau explains FeedBurner:  How it cuts bandwidth costs, records usage, and cleans up RSS, all at once.  10:58:04 PM  permalink  

Microsoft's Virtual Server coming Oct 1: "The technology will ship on 1 October, according to Microsoft officials, and a 180-day evaluation copy will be available next week.  Virtual Server 2005 runs on Windows Server 2003 ..

The analysts firms consistently say we are anywhere from 18 months to three years ahead of Microsoft," says Michael Mullany, vice president of marketing for VMWare. "There are a lot of features and a lot of work to be added to this virtualisation layer over time to take the technology where it can be and we are trying to push the envelope in terms of technology innovation." Other people in the market include SW-Soft, which develops a product called Virtuozzo and will deliver a version for Windows this month, the Xen open source project and User-Mode Linux.  ..

Virtual Server 2005 features Multi-threaded Virtual Machine Monitor to isolate virtual machines from each other, CPU and memory resource allocation, virtual networking, Active Directory integration, a Web-based management interface and a COM API, which includes 42 interfaces that let scripts control every aspect of Virtual Server 2005. ..

Virtual Server 2005 ships in a Standard Edition that supports up to four processors and is priced at $499. An Enterprise Edition that supports up to 32 processors costs $999. Both versions will be licensed on a per-physical server basis and support an unlimited number of virtual machines. "

  10:50:06 PM  permalink  

VMware Community Discussion Forums: Discussion site for public tech support.  Includes section on API programming.  10:43:29 PM  permalink  

Poll finds Europeans and Democrats think alike: "While 69% of Republicans said they did not think a United Nations mandate would be necessary for future Iraq-style operations, 81% of Democrats said they thought it would be essential - as did 80% of Europeans.  The same pattern emerges in attitudes about the war in Iraq: 79% Republicans say the results were worth the loss of life and other costs, while 81% Democrats and 80% Europeans disagree. Democrats and Europeans also harbor the same sorts of doubts about whether military action is the most appropriate tool to fight terrorism. While 86% Republicans believe so, only 49% Europeans and 52% US Democrats agree, the poll finds. ..

The Marshall Fund poll [finds] majorities in France (63%) Germany (57%) and Spain (66%) support the idea of sending their soldiers to Iraq if the UN approved a multinational force to help secure and rebuild the country. ..

At the same time, the survey reveals the limitations of European ambitions for an independent global role. Though 71% Europeans say they would like the EU to become a superpower like the US, nearly half of them drop the idea if it requires increased military spending.  Nor should Washington see Europe's superpower aspirations as particularly threatening, the poll suggests: 30% respondents said they wanted to boost Europe's political clout to compete with the US. 63% said they wanted a bigger EU role in the world to cooperate more effectively with the US."

  10:24:57 PM  permalink  

Lantronix XPort and WiPort : Tiny interfaces that contain an embedded web server.  Xport converts a serial device to ethernet; WiPort does wifi.  Parts cost $100-150 qty 1 from distribution, developer kits $350.  10:14:48 AM  permalink  

Power Supply Wattage Calculator:  Tool for estimating power requirements for desktop computers.  9:34:00 AM  permalink  


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