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daily link  Thursday, September 09, 2004

Automated Tree Drawing: XSLT and SVG: XSLT code to convert a compact text syntaxes for a tree into XML, and from there into SVG for rendering in documents or onscreen. 

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Spammers given boot by net host: "US firm Savvis was allegedly earning up to $2 million a month from 148 of the world's worst spammers, a former employee had claimed. .. in January it bought C&W US, the American arm of the British telecommunications company Cable & Wireless, for $155 million (£87.4 million). Along with C&W US's 3,000 business customers, Savvis inherited 95 major spammers who make their money by sending out millions of unsolicited e-mails a day with the standard mix of Viagra and porn offers."  Savvis says it is now committed to kicking out their current list of 148 spammers.  12:24:05 AM  permalink  


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