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daily link  Saturday, September 04, 2004

On the drift in non-proliferation policy: South Korea's admission of nuclear enrichment experiments sparks a review of the current situation:  "When one considers Libya's rescinded efforts to acquire a nuclear weapons program; the revelations about North Korea's warheads and Iran's presumed intention to build a program; Hussein's unconsummated interest in nuclear weapons development; al Qaeda's clear efforts to acquire a warhead and/or nuclear fuel; South Korea's admission of nuclear play to the IAEA; Israel's undeclared but known program of 200 plus warheads; and Pakistan's role in providing nuclear weapons technology to Iran, Libya, and North Korea -- one sees powerful proliferation forces eroding what used to be a fairly stable non-proliferation regime. ..

The fact is that American intelligence had known for years that Khan was engaged in these activities. Why was nothing said? I happen to know that the intelligence community was well informed about Khan, well before the public revelations, through two instances. ..

For those of you into proliferation questions, check out Jon Wolfsthal's article yesterday about the Russians dispatching troops to deepen the security around Russian nuclear arsenals. After the tragic end to the Russian school hostage crisis in which so many died, Wolfsthal speculates that the government is worried about Chechen terrorist attempts to acquire a nuclear weapon."

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