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daily link  Thursday, August 26, 2004

Horizontal innovation networks - by and for users:  2002 MIT paper on what I've been calling open production, related to the book Enabling Innovation.  Several examples, both techie and nontechie (like mountain bikes).  "Innovation development, production, distribution and consumption networks can be built up horizontally – with actors consisting only of innovation users (more precisely, “user/self-manufacturers”). “Free” and “open source” software projects are examples of such networks, and examples can be found in the case of physical products as well. User innovation networks can function entirely independently of manufacturers when (1) at least some users have sufficient incentive to innovate, (2) at least some users have an incentive to voluntarily reveal their innovations, and (3) diffusion of innovations by users is low cost and can compete with commercial production and distribution. When only the first two conditions hold, a pattern of user innovation and trial and improvement will occur within user networks, followed by commercial manufacture and distribution of innovations that prove to be of general interest. In this paper we explore the empirical evidence related to each of these matters and conclude that conditions favorable to user innovation networks are often present in the economy."  Related: a Jonathan Schwartz blog entry on how users are making IT decisions; personal uses of IT come to the office now, it's not just work going home.  6:50:41 PM  permalink  

iChat AV at 35,000 Feet: Nice screen shots of an in-air commercial videoconference.  6:25:38 PM  permalink  

802.11b/g Signal Booster: Interesting - $120 for a small replacement antenna that puts out 500 mw instead of the 30 - 200 mw typical.   10:12:23 AM  permalink  


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