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daily link  Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Economist on Prahalad:  Good short review.  "To be profitable, firms cannot simply edge down market fine-tuning the products they already sell to rich customers. Instead, they must thoroughly re-engineer products to reflect the very different economics of BOP [the bottom of the pyramid]: small unit packages, low margin per unit, high volume. Big business needs to swap its usual incremental approach for an entrepreneurial mindset, because BOP markets need to be built not simply entered. Products will have to be made available in affordable units -- most sales of shampoo in India, for example, are of single sachets. Distribution networks may need to be rethought, not least to involve entrepreneurs from among the poor. Customers may need to be educated in how to consume, and even why -- about credit, say, or even about the benefits of washed hands. The corruption now widespread in poor countries must be tackled (about which Mr Prahalad has penned a particularly useful chapter). "  2:36:42 PM  permalink  

Sophos 'Dirty Dozen' Spam Producing Countries: Sophos, a virus/spam filtering company, says its research shows the top twelve spam producing countries are:

     1.  United States            42.53%
     2.  South Korea              15.42%
     3.  China (& Hong Kong)      11.62%
     4.  Brazil                   6.17%
     5.  Canada                   2.91%
     6.  Japan                    2.87%
     7.  Germany                  1.28%
     8.  France                   1.24%
     9.  Spain                    1.16%
     10. United Kingdom           1.15%
     11. Mexico                   0.98%
     12. Taiwan                   0.91%

         Others                   11.76%

And, "Zombie computers -- PCs that have been compromised by hackers or virus writers -- are sending out approximately 40% of the world's spam, and many users who fall victim are unaware."

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