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daily link  Thursday, August 19, 2004

Visual Mining of E-Customer Behavior Using Pixel Bar Charts : Nifty visualization technique for seeing multidimensional relationships in large data sets.  (from Future Now)  10:47:14 PM  permalink  

Network Monitoring Tools:  Extensive collection both commercial and free tools, maintained by SLAC.  4:54:27 PM  permalink  

NIST Net: "The NIST Net network emulator is a general-purpose tool for emulating performance dynamics in IP networks. The tool is designed to allow controlled, reproducible experiments with network performance sensitive/adaptive applications and control protocols in a simple laboratory setting. By operating at the IP level, NIST Net can emulate the critical end-to-end performance characteristics imposed by various wide area network situations (e.g., congestion loss) or by various underlying subnetwork technologies (e.g., asymmetric bandwidth situations of xDSL and cable modems). 

NIST Net is implemented as a kernel module extension to Linux .. In use, the tool allows an inexpensive PC-based router to emulate numerous complex performance scenarios, including: tunable packet delay distributions, congestion and background loss, bandwidth limitation, and packet reordering / duplication. " Last modification 2002.

  4:31:17 PM  permalink  

The Network Simulator - ns-2: "Ns is a discrete event simulator targeted at networking research. Ns provides substantial support for simulation of TCP, routing, and multicast protocols over wired and wireless (local and satellite) networks. "  It supports Network Emulation, "The simulator acts like a router allowing real-world traffic to be passed through without being manipulated. The ns packet contain a pointer to the network packet. Network packets may be dropped, delayed, re-ordered or duplicated by the simulator. Opaque mode is useful in evaluating the behavior of real-world implementations when subjected to adverse network conditions that are not protocol specific."  Tutorial available.  4:26:50 PM  permalink  

Troubleshooting common problems in Microsoft Virtual PC 2004.  Long webcast transcript, several useful nuggets for Virtual PC users.  10:49:52 AM  permalink  


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