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daily link  Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Screenshot from Food Force WFP creates game to tackle hunger: "Food Force is the brainchild of the World Food Programme (WFP), which last year fed more than 100 million people.  The UN body seeks to capitalise on the popularity of video games to educate youngsters about hunger and the work of the aid agency. The game is due to be released later this year for the PC and Mac, and will initially only be available in the US as a free CD or download from the net. ..

"The game itself is somewhere between a game like Tomb Raider and a lecture from the WFP," explained the game's designer, Mike Harrison. "It starts with a short movie that explains a crisis in an imaginary country due to drought and civil war, two of the main reasons for people being hungry in the world," .. The challenge for players is to complete a series of missions, guided by a team of WFP characters...One of the missions is a Sim City type game "

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Wireless Sensors: How Not to Replace 1000 Batteries: Nice brief review of long-lived power sources for sensors, including

  • printed batteries (e.g., Power Paper);
  • extended shelf-life mini-batteries with a nanomaterial called "nanograss;"
  • a nuclear-powered battery that uses a speck of nickel-63 and a tiny cantilever of piezoelectric material (nickel-63 has a half-life of around 100 years)
  • indoor lighting photovoltaics microbattery
  • "strain energy harvesting" using the stretching of piezoelectric fibers
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Groove and other P2P hassles with XP SP2: Service pack 2 limits bandwidth for users with multiple simutaneous outbound connections.  When running a P2P package like Groove, all network applicaitons slow way down.  No resolution is posted yet.   3:59:36 PM  permalink  

m0n0wall: "m0n0wall is a project aimed at creating a complete, embedded firewall software package that, when used together with an embedded PC, provides all the important features of commercial firewall boxes (including ease of use) at a fraction of the price (free software). m0n0wall is based on a bare-bones version of FreeBSD, along with a web server, PHP and a few other utilities. The entire system configuration is stored in one single XML text file to keep things transparent. m0n0wall is probably the first UNIX system that has its boot-time configuration done with PHP, rather than the usual shell scripts, and that has the entire system configuration stored in XML format."  3:52:28 PM  permalink  

What ist fli4l?: "Fli4l is a single floppy Linux-based ISDN, DSL and Ethernet-Router. You can build it from an old 486 based pc with 16 megabyte memory, which is more than adequate for this purpose.  The necessary boot-disk can be built under Unix, Linux or Windows."  3:49:54 PM  permalink  

Enhancing Rollback by Using Virtual Machines: Many tips on using Virtual PC, including how to convert physical to virtual machines by hand.  (Comment:  one techie here says it may be more typical to "run a repair installation" rather than do his method for cleaning up drivers after a migration.)  Here's a similar document on conversion under VMware.  3:21:47 PM  permalink  

slayeroffice - web experiments gone horribly awry:  Neat collection of browser coding tricks, with how-to explanations.  Nice tool:  A suite of favelets.  11:39:22 AM  permalink  


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