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daily link  Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Nokia Lifeblog: Nokia's got the concept that's been around since the 80s Media Lab, of recording your life online -- using their all-singing all-dancing Nokia 7610, of course (has 1 mpixel camera, video, real and mp3 player, voice recorder, triband, bluetooth, smtp and pop3, games, java, etc.)  10:23:30 PM  permalink  

Pepys' Diary: 344 years ago in London, a public servant named Samuel Pepys wrote a daily diary, lasting about ten years, with a day to day view of what life was like then.  it's now being replayed as a blog, with annotations, and even an RSS feed.  Should make an interesting contrast to today's bloggers.  9:49:01 PM  permalink  

Main Page - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: I hadn't visited Wikipedia in a long time, and it's looking much nicer than I remember.  The Random page link is a nice touch.  1:44:53 PM  permalink  

MRTG applications:  Scott Lemon has a note with sample code of using MRTG as a data collection and graphing tool for non-SNMP data sources (like scraped web pages and SQL queries).  9:03:54 AM  permalink  


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