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daily link  Tuesday, July 27, 2004

From woks to wifi: "Make 2.4GHz parabolic mesh dishes from cheap but sturdy Chinese cookware scoops & a USB WiFi adaptor ! The largest (300mm diam)shows 15-18dB gain (enough for a LOS range extension to 3-5km), costs ~US$5"  11:55:32 PM  permalink  

Completing the Revolution: The Challenge of Rural Telephony in Africa:  Report with brief summary online, on the most basic telecom need.  "At present, the lack of rural connections is often hidden behind impressive overall figures for the growth of telephony. Important development Initiatives such as NEPAD and the World Summit on the Information Society focus on internet-based ICTs, and where they mention telephony at all it is in general terms."  5:14:34 PM  permalink  

Telecommunications market access regulation licensing and VSAT authorizations by Access Partnership: "We provide an experienced, multi-disciplinary, multilingual staff to devise and implement a strategy for resolving regulatory, technical, and other trade-related restrictions on five continents. "  5:09:01 PM  permalink  

ICT online course: "Information and Communication Technologies for Development," Instructor: Barbara Fillip, developed and taught through the USDA Graduate School from 1999 to 2003.  It has been offered online since 2001.

The goal of the course is to familiarize participants with key concepts and issues related to the potential and real impacts of information and communication technologies on the social, economic and political development of the less developed countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America."

  5:05:04 PM  permalink  

Wiring the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy: Good long summary of the effort of progressive donors to build institutions to match those of the right.  Includes info on Soros, Rob Stein, Rappoport, Center for American Progress, etc.  4:57:10 PM  permalink  

ActiCam: Webcam plugin for Groove workgroups.  Communicates selectively, only to those online at the moment.  9:05:44 AM  permalink  

Bruce Stirling rant: from SXSW 2004; a fun quick read on futures, computers, sci fi. "What'm I watching? Microbial threats to health: SARS and bird flu. They're spooky. These bugs mostly kill old people, and this century is the most old-people-top-heavy society everywhere. Old people are all over Italy, Japan, everywhere. It's a demographic thing. .. With bad SARS or bird flu we might get a disease that makes 30-year-olds sneeze for a couple days and kill off hundreds of millions of people in their 70s.  19000 people died of heat in Europe: almost all old people. They're metabolically vulnerable, they don't sweat well.

I'm looking at lot at global red-light districts. Globalization doesn't lift all boats, it can create criminal states, mafia-dominated, and non-competitive. They spend all their time exporting criminal services: trafficking in humans, drugs, money laundering. They only difference between them and an oil state is that oil states have oil -- and if it runs out they go straight into this."  2:00:07 AM  permalink  


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