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daily link  Tuesday, June 15, 2004

First cellphone worm: "The malicious code, dubbed "cabir", is a worm that replicates on the Symbian operating system used in several brands of mobile phones, such as Nokia, Siemens and Panasonic.  The worm was anonymously sent to experts in various countries, but has not been detected circulating among cellphone users. It propagates through the "Bluetooth" wireless technology, repeatedly sending itself to any Bluetooth-enabled device that it can find, regardless of the type. The worm will not damage a phone or its software but shortens the device's battery life by constantly scanning for other Bluetooth-enabled devices. ..

If the virus succeeds in penetrating the phone it writes "Caribe" on the screen and is activated every time the phone is turned off and on. Mr Gullato said the good news was that for the virus to spread, cellphone users would have to accept wireless signals being beamed to the device."

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Comcast shuts some port 25:  "On Monday, the company began targeting certain computers on its network of 5.7 million subscribers that appeared to be sending out large volumes of unsolicited e-mail. Spokeswoman Jeanne Russo said that in those cases, it is blocking what is known as port 25, a gateway used by computers to send e-mail to the Internet.   The result, she said, was a 20 percent reduction in spam.  "We're taking a precision approach . . . against the top talkers of the day," Russo said, referring to the computers being blocked. ..

For years, anti-spam activists have been pressuring Internet providers to block port 25 for all users, because it allows e-mail to be sent directly to the Internet without passing through computers operated by the service provider.  Recently, spammers have infected tens of thousands of machines with malicious software code, turning them into "zombies" that operate as mail servers and launching pads for spam.  Legitimate owners of these machines usually don't know their computers have been commandeered. More than 40 percent of all spam now comes from zombie machines, according to some industry estimates...

Large Internet providers vary in their approaches. America Online Inc. and Earthlink Inc. require that all residential e-mail be run through their own servers. Businesses can open accounts and process their own e-mail after being vetted. Verizon Communications Inc. also allows business customers to process their own mail.

George Webb, a group manager of Microsoft Corp.'s anti-spam unit, said getting more aggressive on blocking port 25 "can have a large impact in a short amount of time." He said the company's MSN network is reliant on cable or phone-line partners to provide its broadband service, and Microsoft is "working with them" on the problem.  Webb said he thinks port 25 should be blocked by default, and customers should be required to apply for an exception. "

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GooFresh: A little tool for searching Google by date (it calculates the Julian dates for you).  10:18:45 AM  permalink  

TheOpenCD: "TheOpenCD is a collection of high quality Free and Open Source Software. The programs run in Windows and cover the most common tasks such as word processing, presentations, e-mail, web browsing, web design, and image manipulation."  Available via HTTP, FTP or BitTorrent.  10:14:58 AM  permalink  

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Cheney claims ties between Saddam, al Qaeda (June 14, 2004): Incredible -- he's still at it. "Vice President Dick Cheney said Monday that Saddam Hussein had "long-established ties" with al Qaeda, an assertion that has been repeatedly challenged by some policy experts and lawmakers. The vice president offered no details backing up his claim of a link between Saddam and al Qaida.  "He was a patron of terrorism," Cheney said of Hussein during a speech before The James Madison Institute, a conservative think-tank based in Florida. "He had long established ties with al Qaeda.""  9:29:07 AM  permalink  

Jail chief told: treat prisoners like dogs:  "Brigadier-General Janis Karpinski, who has been suspended over the revelations of horrifying mistreatment at the prison, gave a lengthy interview to BBC radio yesterday.  In it, she said she was being made into "a convenient scapegoat" for the abuses, about which she insists she knew nothing.

General Karpinski told the BBC that Major-General Geoffrey Miller, the deputy commander for detainee operations in Iraq, who had also been chief jailer at the US prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, visited her last year.  She said he told her that detainees had to be dominated. "They are like dogs, and if you allow them to believe at any point that they are more than a dog, then you've lost control of them," she recalled General Miller saying.

General Karpinski continued to maintain that she had no knowledge of the abuses going on within Abu Ghraib, saying that the cell blocks 1A and 1B, where they largely occurred, were under the command of military intelligence and not under her - a suggestion senior military figures have rejected. "The interrogation operation was directed, it was under a separate command and there was no reason for me to go out to look at Abu Ghraib at cell block 1A or 1B or visit the interrogation facilities," she said. "I believe I was a convenient scapegoat." ..

General Karpinski suggested that the soldiers photographed with the detainees were unlikely to have been acting without higher authority.  "The MP units that these soldiers belonged to hadn't been in Abu Ghraib long enough to be so confident that ... they were going to take detainees out of the cells, pile them up and photograph themselves in various positions with these detainees - I'm convinced of that," she said."

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