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daily link  Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Gallup approval ratings of recent presidents: Great chart showing the month-by-month trend in each president's term.  Clinton was more popular than Reagan overall (lower approval in the first year, higher in the last two years).   Bush 1 was more popular than Bush 2 after his Gulf War, but less popular as he approached re-election.  3:27:56 PM  permalink  

VMWARE scripting:  This forum post says that full scripting (called VCOMAPI) is available on GSX and ESX versions, but only limited control is available on the Workstation version.  In particular, there are command line options for starting vm's on Workstation, but real control requires GSX and ESX.  The cost of GSX as of June 04 is $1250 per processor ($2500/2 proc, $5000/4) plus a required annual support package (about $1100 for 4 processors). 

There was also a note on using Norton Ghost for expanding the size of VMware disks, which implies a way to do a manual PtoV.

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