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daily link  Monday, June 07, 2004

Grip of Putin's censors tightens: And under-reported story. ""We know where your child is walking right now" is a pager message that has bedeviled news anchors at the station.  Anonymous callers have issued threats to intimidate staff and chief editor Alexei Venediktov.  
Other times the quest for favorable coverage is gentler, discussed at a fine restaurant over a bottle of wine with an official from the Kremlin -..

The Glasnost Defense Foundation reports that 10 journalists were murdered, 96 assaulted, and 24 media offices attacked in 2003. Some 378 court cases were also brought - down slightly from more than 400 for each of the previous two years - and in 24 cases the plug was pulled on programs while on the air.

Television - the only source of news for the majority of Russia's 145 million citizens - has been hardest hit, though many other outlets also feel the heat. .. The Kremlin makes contact twice a week on average .."

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Not Even a Hedgehog - The stupidity of Ronald Reagan. By Christopher Hitchens:  I was thinking, Bush 43 is so bad I'm even nostalgic for Reagan.  Well, that's selective memory for you; Hitchens reminds me how bad it was.  7:06:41 PM  permalink  

Historical Budget Data: Useful reference data on federal finances 1962-2002, in both $ and % GDP.  Referenced by a review of Reagan years.  10:23:36 AM  permalink  

Balancing Act: A UK company that does African IT media, policy and project consulting.  Their African internet developments news service has current and detailed information on developments among carriers and governments.  9:34:04 AM  permalink  


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