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daily link  Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Commonweal Institute: "a new think tank and communications organization working to bring positive moderate and progressive messages to the public and build widespread support for the issues we care about. "  Based in California, several supporters in Silicon Valley.  Mostly virtual organization. Has information on right-wing organizations, environment, voting machines.  Interesting advisors.  6:13:53 PM  permalink  

Giving It Away (for Fun and Profit): Music meets shareware.  "Vilhan is making money because he hosts his songs at Magnatune.com, an Internet music distributor that replaces standard "all rights reserved" copyright language with "some rights reserved" licenses drafted by a Silicon Valley-based nonprofit organization called Creative Commons. Magnatune and its artists make MP3s available for free to play or download. But they still demand payment when the music is used for commercial purposes, such as inclusion in advertisements or in films released to theaters. ..

When composers upload songs on MacBand.com, they're presented with the option of choosing a Creative Commons license. The result is that nearly every song on MacBand functions as raw material for new songs. The sharing not only spurs activity on MacBand, but also builds demand for Apple software and hardware. ..

Lessig wants to integrate Creative Commons into the tools used to create digital art. The licenses now come in "machine-readable" form, which means that smart CD players can display a song's license as it plays. There is also a plug-in for Adobe's Photoshop that recognizes licenses embedded in image files. The open-source Mozilla project plans to put a Creative Commons search tool alongside one for Google in its Firefox 1.0 browser, due out this summer, making it easy to search the Web for, say, photos of the Empire State Building that are cleared for noncommercial use. A Japanese Creative Commons license is already available, and Lessig hopes to introduce 24 more country-specific versions by the year's end. A $1.2 million grant from the MacArthur Foundation should help the six-person Creative Commons staff complete the project. "  Related:  Free Culture: Lawrence Lessig Keynote, Aug. 15, 2002

  9:22:22 AM  permalink  

Infohound Color Schemer: "Matching colors will be automatically chosen. You can click on one to set it as the primary color."  8:51:45 AM  permalink  

HTML Tidy Online: "HTML Tidy is a tool for checking and cleaning up HTML source files." Paste the ugly html into the form and press submit.  8:35:45 AM  permalink  

HTML Tabbed Dialog Widget: "One of the most common widgets in a GUI is the tabbed dialog, where related options are grouped into tabs, and the user can navigate between them. This powerful widget is not part of the HTML spec, so it is not seen on websites. However, with some simple Java Script and a little CSS styling, it is straightforward to create a tabbed dialog in HTML"  8:32:08 AM  permalink  


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