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daily link  Thursday, April 22, 2004

POPFile - Automatic Email Classification.  "POPFile is an email classification tool with a Naive Bayes classifier, a POP3 proxy and a web interface. It runs on most platforms and with most email clients."  Perl-based, open source, updated March 2004.  10:28:43 PM  permalink  

The Heavyweight Sea Snail: Tidal power plans off Scotland.  The unique feature is positioning underwater without expensive attachment to the sea bed.  "The Snail is a 15x12 meter (roughly 49x39 feet) anchoring device that uses hydrofoils -- what scientists describe as wings that "fly" in water -- to generate more than 200 tons of downward force to the seabed."  The press release says "At present the potential to use tidal energy is limited by installation methods for turbines, which require firm attachment to the seabed. This is very expensive and, at present, requires turbines to be placed in water depths greater than 25 m and less than 50 m. The full size SNAIL is a prefabricated tidal device that can be cheaply installed in shallow and deep water. This will significantly increase the number of suitable sites for turbines and reduce installation costs."  First installation is 5 MW in 2007.  5:16:47 PM  permalink  

Bad news not hurting Bush in polls:  "A Gallup Poll released Tuesday showed Bush winning re-election in a hypothetical matchup with 51 percent of the votes to 46 percent for Kerry. A similar Gallup survey taken in early March just after Kerry wrapped up the Democratic nomination showed Kerry ahead of Bush 52 percent to 44 percent.   The results mirror a Washington Post-ABC News poll, also published Tuesday, that found Bush ahead of Kerry 48 percent to 43 percent, almost exactly opposite a poll taken five weeks earlier by the news organizations. Independent Ralph Nader attracted 6 percent of the vote in the latest survey." 

How do we reconcile this with the results from two weeks ago:"The University of Pennsylvania's National Annenberg Election Survey compared attitudes about the candidates in the first half of March with those in the second half and found that changes in their favorable ratings were "statistically insignificant" in the 18 battleground states where the most ads have run."  National versus battleground states, in different time periods; but a difference of 8% seems hard to reconcile.

  4:36:36 PM  permalink  

Expand compression now available as software product: "The Accelerator Server is a Linux-based software solution that ports many of the Application Traffic Management features of the new Expand Accelerator appliances like application acceleration and bandwidth efficiency tools that reduce wide area network (WAN) costs and improve application response times."  4:30:33 PM  permalink  

Greener Freezers: Progress on thermoacoustic coolers:  "Ben & Jerry's teamed with Penn State University to build 'green'-technology freezers which will replace existing ones inside its stores. These new greener chillers use sound waves for cooling."  4:29:10 PM  permalink  

From the Higgs Boson Particle to Leadbelly: "Physicists from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory are using the same methods to search for the elusive Higgs Boson particle and to digitally restore audio recordings from the past."  By imaging the the old disk recordings, smoothing out the physical scratches and defects, and then simulating a stylus on the smoothed virtual disk, the sound improvement is dramatic. "Berkeley Lab signed an agreement with the Library of Congress to digitize the many thousands of early blues or jazz recordings it has in its archives."  Follow link to excellent example of before and after.   4:22:59 PM  permalink  


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