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daily link  Monday, March 29, 2004

Online gamers number over 3m:  "750,000 players use Xbox Live, each paying $50 a year to be able to play against people elsewhere and download updates.   Sony says it has sold 2.4 million of its $40 network adapters that enable Playstation online gaming, through broadband or a dial-up connection."  Could grid computing be an application for these boxes when idle and pay users $50/year or more?  2:21:45 PM  permalink  

Secret Worlds: The Universe Within: Nice "powers of ten" tour of the universe.  2:18:58 PM  permalink  

Into week 2: "The White House at first questioned an assertion by Clarke that President Bush asked him immediately after Sept. 11 to investigate whether Saddam was involved but on Sunday it confirmed that the conversation had taken place. ..

"The Bush administration and its allies have certainly not helped the story go away," said Howard Opinsky, a Republican operative who ran media relations for Arizona Sen. John McCain during his 2000 presidential bid.  "Instead, they adopted the risky strategy of trying to refute his charges, which makes it appear that they have something to hide," he said. ..

When Republicans said they would seek to declassify testimony Clarke gave to Congress in July 2002 to demonstrate differences to what he is saying now, Clarke told them to go ahead. If that occurs, the issue will remain in the headlines even longer. "

  11:09:59 AM  permalink  


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