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daily link  Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Cuba restricts Internet to those with hard currency: 2004/01/30 "The Cuban government plans to prohibit access to Internet from telephones paid for in local currency, a move seen as directed in part against the Church. Since January 14, access to Internet from phones is only allowed for lines paid for in dollars. Generally, only businesses and foreigners can pay for such lines."  5:28:28 PM  permalink  

Key stats on development:  ' "Madness is running over our planet"  [said] World Bank President James Wolfensohn addressing students at Stanford University.. World development help is running at about $56 billion a year, he said, while military expenditures are almost 20 times higher at more than $900 billion. Subsidies and tariff protections for world agriculture, including large commercial interests, reach about $350 billion a year. "This is a huge frustration. We have to find a way to focus on poverty and development ... but the big issue is indifference. People don't care. Money is not flowing to where it is needed," Wolfensohn told the students. '  4:58:04 PM  permalink  


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