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daily link  Monday, March 15, 2004

AcceleNet XML compression: "XML-Xpress™ (XXP) is a software data compression engine optimized for XML (eXtensible Markup Language) data formats, particularly for query-based data transmissions where XML schemas are known in advance. It is the premier solution for software developers and companies who are distributing or storing information over the Internet via XML. As the use of XML in communication systems and databases increases, XML-Xpress™ provides the means of decreasing the amount of data that has to be transmitted or stored. " Compression ratios of 5 - 35 x are claimed, with a thruput test cited at 9mbps.  10:19:31 AM  permalink  

WI-FI wireless revolution in South-Africa: A discussion on community wifi networking in South Africa, including tips on defying the regulators, on using wifi for 50km links, and on setting up neighborhood perimeter security systems with webcams and infra red motion detectors.  8:14:09 AM  permalink  


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