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daily link  Friday, March 12, 2004

Innovation - link it outside the firm:  A provocative observation from John Wolpert of IBM:  "There are some great minds focused on how companies build innovation practices inside the firm. To me, though, the best of these practices ultimately die off or are gamed into irrelevance by the forces roiling inside a closed system like a firm: getting ignored, shifting and capricious priorities, orphan opportunities that simply don't fit with the business model of that specific firm. On the other hand, I have observed that innovators who somehow connect to innovators in other firms (a trick of organizational savvy rife with legal risks, to be sure) tend to grow in influence, and both their innovation regimes and the ideas that come out of such regimes are more likely to enjoy sustained attention, funding, and - more important - wider sources of insight and capabilities. "  12:39:36 AM  permalink  


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