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daily link  Friday, January 23, 2004

Google unveils rival to Friendster:  "Google quietly released a new online social networking service Thursday .. Called Orkut, the service allows users to link up with friends of their friends and aims to ``increase the overall satisfaction of social life.'' It is much like the hot Sunnyvale online dating service Friendster -- but possibly with more features.  The launch comes just three months after Google entered talks to acquire Friendster -- reportedly for $30 million -- and was rebuffed.

The project was developed by a Google engineer [named Orkut] and a few of his colleagues, and is still in testing mode, according to Google spokeswoman Eileen Rodriguez. She said Google encouraged its launch but otherwise is taking a hands-off approach. .. For the time being, Google says it has no plans to use the personal information supplied by Orkut users for searches.  Like Friendster, Orkut  only accepts people invited by someone already on the network."

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Micro-Sized Hard Drives: "Colorado-based Cornice has introduced a 1-inch, 2GB drive it calls a "storage element." Several consumer electronics manufacturers already use Cornice's previous-generation storage elements, including PortalPlayer, SigmaTel, and Texas Instruments.  The new 2GB model is aimed at portable video, multimedia, and GPS applications, and has a unit price of $70 in quantities of 100,000.  Like the previous Cornice drives, the 2GB contains fewer parts than many comparable products.."  They expect to  increase in capacity at a rate of about 50 percent per year.  Toshiba and Hitachi also have .85 and 1 inch drives with 1-4 Gb.  8:26:59 AM  permalink  


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