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daily link  Monday, January 19, 2004

Quiz: Is Your Project at Risk for Disaster?: " three business school professors describe a continuum of risk onto which they say every project falls. Take this quiz, created by Baseline, to find out what risks your project faces"  11:43:16 PM  permalink  

Bush to Portray Libya as an Example: "Whatever the source of the concessions, the example of force used against Iraq has become part of the public mindset.   Western diplomats report that at a recent soccer match involving Saadi el-Qaddafi, Colonel Qaddafi's soccer-playing son, fans from the opposing side chanted "Saadi, Saadi, son of the ruler, your fate will be the fate of Uday." The phrase it rhymes in Arabic refers to one of the sons of Mr. Hussein who was killed in an American raid."  11:41:37 PM  permalink  

Vivisimo Clustering - automatic categorization and meta-search software: Interesting software with neat demo on web search.  11:32:05 PM  permalink  


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