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daily link  Sunday, January 18, 2004

Internet Users in China Number Nearly 80 Million; there were only 620,000 Chinese Internet users in 1997.  These numbers are from the China Internet Network Information Center. Pew says the US has 126 m users; other put Japan at 100m.  A Frost & Sullivan analyst thinks the China figure is reasonable, and the Chinese market has the potential to displace both Japan and the United States, which are reaching their limits in terms of possible new users.  "If you are looking at a 10- to 15-year time frame, I would say China and India are probably going to account for half of all Internet usage in the world."  11:20:49 PM  permalink  

New Zealand News - Americans need to question their style of democracy: "In contrast [to the US], Australia has designed a system that addresses and eases these concerns.  With a transparency that should be the gold standard by which all democracies conduct themselves, it made the software running its electoral system completely open to public scrutiny.  Although designed by a private company, drafts as well as the finished software code were posted on the internet for all to see and evaluate.  This ruins one American election official's comment that no country in the world has the rigorous certification and testing standards used in the US. "  10:39:26 AM  permalink  


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